The Fixing Part!!

Here comes the fixing part.

IMG_2180 - Version 2

As you can see the plastic that suppose to be my rear Window is spoiled. I can’t see through them and its difficult backing up. I thought to myself should I forget about replacing them or it’s too dangerous not to. After I have check with so many placing in San Francisco I found a place nearby in Oakland called “American Auto Upholstery and Glass.” Joe was great and he gave me a good deal. So I decided to replace my soft-top with him as it was leaking too.

photo (1) copy

As you can see it looks great and clean. They did a good job fixing it.

After a trip from Muir wood and Monterey Bay I found some fluid leaking from the engine to the floor. I took it for a check at Wheel Work in San Francisco and found out that my shock is leaking, many of my bushing are torn, Power steering hose is broke and engine valve hose is also broken and causing the leaking. I had it all fixed and now the car runs great :).

photo (3)

photo (2)


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