As a Reminder

I would like to remind my fellow friends that you should have a mechanic to check your car before you buy one. I also understand that if you are going to buy a car around $3000 it would be unreasonable to hire a mechanic, but if you could bring an experience friend who know cars it would be great. It is best if the dealer or owner could lift the car up for you to check underneath the car. Also CARFAX are good to see how many owner the car had and if the car was wreck or not too. These are some information that could help you to find a good car for this price.

For cars with more than 10 years if you can’t find anything wrong with the body or engines you still should check for shocks or struts, bushing, engine rubber component, brakes, rotors, tires, and any electric inside the car. Because these items may seem to be unimportant compare to engine and body, but they cost to replace and fix and could exceed your budget.

Observe well and you can minimize cost on repairs.


Trip to Yosemite National Park

I was crossing my finger whether my car would make it to Yosemite National Park and back. Because it will have to climb hills and mountains getting there.


Well I got there and back safely without any hustle. The car ran perfectly smooth.

The Fixing Part!!

Here comes the fixing part.

IMG_2180 - Version 2

As you can see the plastic that suppose to be my rear Window is spoiled. I can’t see through them and its difficult backing up. I thought to myself should I forget about replacing them or it’s too dangerous not to. After I have check with so many placing in San Francisco I found a place nearby in Oakland called “American Auto Upholstery and Glass.” Joe was great and he gave me a good deal. So I decided to replace my soft-top with him as it was leaking too.

photo (1) copy

As you can see it looks great and clean. They did a good job fixing it.

After a trip from Muir wood and Monterey Bay I found some fluid leaking from the engine to the floor. I took it for a check at Wheel Work in San Francisco and found out that my shock is leaking, many of my bushing are torn, Power steering hose is broke and engine valve hose is also broken and causing the leaking. I had it all fixed and now the car runs great :).

photo (3)

photo (2)

Looking for a Ride!!

I came here to San Francisco from Thailand studying my master degree at Hult. I alway had a passion for cars. I had a e90 3series and s15 Silvia Varietta (240sx convertible) back home. I knew that in the states cars are so cheap and I was aiming for a corvette or a challenger. When I arrive I actually realize how expensive the accommodation was. My dream was crush! I knew if I wanted to buy a car and still have a perfectly normal life it had to be lower than $3000.

IMG_0819 - Version 3 **My S15 baby back home

Then I cam across an 1994 E36 325i convertible, the price was $2990 !

I didn’t hesitate and just bought it :))